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Folk, acoustic and ceilidh band
The Solway Band
The Solway Band
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Our Music
Here are a selection of video and sound recordings of the band. Whilst some of the clips are 'professional' recordings others are simple mobile phone videos, so we apologise for a lower quality but hope they give a feel of what we do.
Solway Tides

A short clip of Terry and Catherine in The Hope and Anchor at Port Carlisle a few years back now. Taken from the documentary film 'The Haafnetters of the Solway'

Solway Tides (Full version)

A more current version of this song featuring Steve on vocals and accompanied by band playing a range of diferent instruments
The Haafnetters

Whoops - a bit political ths one. A protest song which tells the story of the fight against 'the authorities' that want haafnet fishing to be discontinued.
The Blue Cockade

An acoustic version of a great song which we learned from the Show of Hands version featuring Catherine and Eleanor accompanied by the rest of The Solway Band in The Kings Arms at Bowness
The Green Fields of France

Our tribute to those who have lost their lives in war. A modern folk song written by Eric Bogle, made famous by The Fureys and recorded by countless other artists and often said to be one of the greatest anti-war protest songs ever written. Based on a recording of a live performance at Beaumont village hall.
Da Slockit Light

A Scottish slow air written by Tom Anderson in 1969. Originally a fiddle tune, this version has mandolin taking the lead accompanied by bouzouki, guitar and low whistle in the background. The video explains the origins of the tune.


A tune written by Terry Croucher named after a small hamlet near to Bowness on Solway. Originally played with guitar as lead instrument. This version is rather different with a Dixon Alto A whistle taking the lead, accompanied by an MK Low D.
Davy Davy Knick Knack - Rakes of Mallow - Brighton Camp

Three traditional tunes we use for the Heel and Toe Polka dance

Breeches Full of Stitches - Bill Sullivan's Polka - Kerry Polkas I & II

A set of four traditional Irish Polkas that we use to accompany The Kerry Set dance.

Catherine singing Christine McVie's Songbird by special request at Burgh by Sands Parish Hall
Stormy Monday

Something a little different. We're teamed up with the band Six Hands from Dumfries for this T-Bone Walker blues standard. There was no rehersal for this so we're pretty chuffed with the outcome - Steve's in heaven with his harmonica.
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