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A social gathering with music, traditional dancing, singing and often storytelling
A ceilidh can make your party, celebration or fund raising event a great social occasion enjoyed by everyone. Everybody joins in from the youngest to the 'not so young'. The dance music is upbeat and lively. The dance steps are easier than you might think and it is suitable for anyone - no experience is required - the caller will tell you what to do and where to move to. The great thing about a ceilidh is that everyone will mix - people will come together from different groups, have fun, laugh and smile together.
Format of the event.

This can be completely flexible. You might just want a full evening (or afternoon) of traditional dancing or you might prefer a mix of dancing and other entertainment. Often songs are added into the sets to break up the dances and give the dancers a breather. You will probably have a break at some stage, maybe for food when songs could performed to entertain the guests. Sometimes events are split part ceilidh - part modern dancing; in this case the ceilidh dances would normally take place first and act as a great way to get eveyone up and dancing.

An example of a set list for a typical ceilidh can be found by clicking here
A compilation of video clips of dances and songs from one of our ceilidhs can be viewed by clicking here

What do you need for the event?

Really all that is needed is a suitable venue. This needs to be large enough to comfortably seat all your guests, plus space for the band (a stage is useful but not essential) and a good amount of space for the dance floor - the set ceilidh dances tend to need a little more space that more modern 'disco' dancing.

We have our own dance caller, so there is no need to arrange for a seperate caller.

We can bring along our own PA system which is suitable for any medium sized venue, so it doesn't matter if the venue hasn't got it's own sound system. We can also provide lighting for your venue to add to the atmosphere of the event.
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